Sunday, February 5, 2017

Section Meeting - February 9, 2017

SME Utah Section Meeting


Lance Christodoulou
Manager - Global Testing Services
Eriez Floation


An alternative approach to base and precious metal flow sheet design.


It is well understood that the conventional froth flotation process is
strongly dependent on particle size. In the case of sulfide minerals the
typical flotation feed size is between 30-200micron. Particles outside
of this range characteristically show poor recoveries in industrial
operations and consequently grinding circuits are designed to produce
feedstocks within this size range. Recent studies on tailings and fresh
ore applications show that it is possible to recover coarser particles
with a fluidized-bed flotation system called the HydroFloat. The ability
to recover these coarse particles has the potential to allow for a
coarser grind size in milling circuits promoting either higher
throughput or lower energy demand along with the opportunity to now
design plants with split-feed circuitry.
This split-feed approach allows for processing of material with
technologies specifically suited to certain size classes of feedstock,
allowing for increased metal recovery. Coarse material can be
successfully processed utilizing the HydroFloat and finer material
processed with conventional or high-intensity staged flotation devices.
Recent pilot-plant trials, on a sulfide tailings stream, utilizing a
high-intensity flotation system known as the StackCell showed that
flotation kinetics are up to 4 times quicker than conventional flotation
cells. This finding would suggest that the opportunity exists to reduce
the size of traditional rougher flotation circuits.
Utilizing these novel technologies it is possible to take an alternative
approach to flow sheet design with focus on reduced power consumption,
reduced capital expenditure and potential gains in water recovery. This
presentation covers the work performed to date and the anticipated gains
by following a different approach in circuit design.


February 9, 2017


Social Hour—6:00 to 7:00
Dinner—7:00 to 7:30
Presentation—7:30 to 8:30


7158 S FLSmidth Drive
Midvale, UT 84047-5559
Please park in the West parking lot and enter through the atrium door between the new and old buildings.

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Members and Guests $20.00
Students $5.00



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